Rogue Daylight

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With an abundance of South and East-facing light Rogue Daylight Studios is a unique and central photography location in the heart of Chelsea's energized art district.

Situated in the iconic West Chelsea Building and overlooking the Highline, RDS is made available as a blank canvas ready for creatives, celebrities, designers and fashionistas to have fun and actualize their creative vision. 

As a socially conscious enterprise, each shoot at Rogue Daylight supports our art programs empowering children in conflict zones around the world through our philanthropical wing



Options and rates

Option A

1000 SQ FT

Studio A is suitable for smaller shoots with a max of 10 crew and models.  The space is drenched in all day natural South facing light with immaculately maintained white floors and walls.  Studio A is separated from Studio B by a 12 ft moving wall which maintains complete privacy and which can be used for storage.


$900 + $200 FOR A STUDIO REP*

(up to 10 crew and models)


Overtime: $150 p/h

Half Day 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm: $600 +$150 Studio rep

* A studio representative is required for the first two photoshoots at Rogue Daylight Studio to familiarize you to the building, it's facilities and protocols.



Option B

2000 SQ FT

Studio A and B can be combined by removing a dividing 12 ft moving wall to create an open 2000 sq ft space drenched in all day southern light.  The space is suitable for up to 20 crew and models.


$1300 + $200 FOR A STUDIO REP
(up to 10 crew and models)
Overtime: $175 p/h


Half Day 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm: $900 +$150 Studio rep 




We offer a 10% cash discount


Option C

3000  SQ FT

Studio A, B and C can be combined by moving two 12 ft walls to create one amazing 3000 sq ft space that has both South and East facing light.  Studio C has two fully windowed sides and an awesome view directly over the Highline.  Option C is out most glamorous offering for larger and corporate shoots. 


$1900 + $200 FOR A STUDIO REP

(up to 30 crew and models)


Overtime: $200 p/h

Half Day 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm: $1200 +$150 Studio rep 

Option D

Rogue Penthouse

Inquire about rates and availability


26th St and 10th Ave, NYC


This is the place

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Rogue Daylight Studios

Features of the space are:

Busy, energized gallery building adjacent to the Highline elevated walking park

Commercial loading docks and elevators.  The freight elevator runs until 5:30pm.

Super friendly building and staff

Highly secure building and space

Three restrooms and garbage facilities adjacent to gallery

Wheelchair accessible

Hi speed WIFI (70mps) 

Heat and A/C

Ooodles of light!!!

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